This is a photo of my grandparents on their wedding day. March 4th, 1960. This photograph represents so much for me. It is a representation of the way I approach wedding photography. It’s a candid moment rather than staged, it reveals information about the character of my grandparents and their relationship. 


When I really start to think about this image and wedding photographs themselves I start to consider the value of this image and so many out there like this. Wedding photography can be expensive and while I can justify the cost by citing the quality of the gear I use, my education and experience, creative vision, and the time and care that goes into each set of images delivered, the real value of photographs are the heirlooms we are making on this once in a lifetime day and the legacy we are leaving behind for our loved ones. 


I don’t know how much wedding photography costs in 1960. I know what it costs today, and I know that if someone approached me with $4000 and told me I could have that money  as long as I was willing to give up this photo forever I can tell you with great certainty that I would rather have this photo than the money. A photographs value goes up exponentially as the years go on. My grandparents are both deceased yet they’ve left a legacy of 4 children 20 grandchildren, and several great grandchildren, and I know this photo is worth more to these family members than a few thousand dollars. 


Wedding photography truly is an investment an investment in your legacy and what you leave behind. I’m grateful to have this photo as an anchor in my personal life and in my professional life, and I am grateful for people who entrust me to help create a document of their brief time here on earth.