Dulce and Nishant Oct. 26th-28th, 2018.

Dulce and Nishant, I'm thrilled to be considered to document your wedding weekend in Mexico! After talking with Dulce I know our personalities would be a great fit. I really want to go for a Nat Geo feel with your images especially because of the location. I anticipate taking A LOT of photos this weekend. On Day 2 I want to carve out time in the morning to document the street life of San Miguel de Allende. When I photograph weddings I not only focus on the event, but also try to document what the place feels like, the landscape, the architecture, the flora and fauna, and in San Miguel de Allende the atmosphere of the place, and photos of everyday life on the street will make a great addition to your set of  wedding images.

Below is a rundown of the coverage of each day and what is included with the total price... 

Day 1 (Indian Wedding)

  • 12 Hours of Coverage

Day 1 will be the longest of the 3 days. I want to make sure we have ample time to document the preparations and all of the ceremonies and rituals that happen through out the day and well into the night!

Day 2 (Parade/Rehearsal Dinner)

  • 8 Hours Coverage

In addition to photographing the Callejoneada & Mojiganga Parade and rehearsal dinner I want to carve out time in the morning to document the street life of San Miguel de Allende. This part of day 2 will be complimentary and is not factored into the 8 hours of parade/dinner coverage.  

Day 3 (Mexican Wedding)

  • 10 Hours of Coverage

This amount of time should give us plenty of photographs of the entire day. From getting ready, to the ceremony, to the party we will have you covered and surely by this day feel more like guests than photographers. ;)

Travel Expenses

  • Flights for 2 to San Miguel de Allende
  • 4 Nights Lodging
  • Meals
  • Ground Transportation

Total $21,000

All Services Include

Complimentary Engagement Shoot

(I'm big on establishing rapport, and will fly out to photograph the two of you it's a great way to get to know each other)

Digital Negatives

(Hi-res jpgs presented as digital downloads ready to print)

Images Posted on Personal Online Gallery

(Personal online gallery for proofing and print purchasing)

2nd Photographer (Shane Macomber)

Shane Macomber is a colleague of mine/long time friend and has agreed to photograph this wedding with me! Which means you will get essentially two main photographers with similar styles and approaches. Shane and I both have 10+ years of wedding photography experince (plus an extra 5 years as newspaper photographers) you can view his work by going to the link... http://www.shanemacomber.com

Book (Optional)

12"x12" Hand Sewn Book 

$1200 (each)

10"x10" Hand Sewn Book

$800 (each)

I really think your wedding weekend would make a beautiful 3 book set. I can see each book representing each day. If you're curious what the books look like I know Sarah and Bennett have a book from their wedding and you can also click the link here to see some sample images.