With 10+ years of wedding photography experience, and 200+ weddings photographed you'd think I have seen it all, but the beautiful thing about weddings is that they are all different. Each couple brings its own set of traditions and stories to make each wedding truly unique. My goal for you on your wedding day is for you to maximize time with friends and family while I anticipate moments being observant and unobtrusive. When I'm not photographing weddings you can find me walking my dog Juno, thrifting, traveling, enjoying coffee, a strong IPA, or a tasty bourbon.




This is a photo of my grandparents on their wedding day. March 4th, 1960. This photograph represents so much for me. It is a representation of the way I approach wedding photography. It’s a candid moment rather than staged, it reveals information about the character of my grandparents and their relationship. 

When I really start to think about this image and wedding photographs themselves I start to consider the value of this image and so many out there like this. The real value of hiring a professional are the heirlooms we are making on this once in a lifetime day and the legacy we are leaving behind for our loved ones. 

A photographs value goes up exponentially as the years go on. My grandparents are both deceased, yet they’ve left a legacy of 4 children 20 grandchildren, and several great grandchildren, and we all get the pleasure of enjoying this image. 

Great wedding photography truly is an investment in your personal history  and what you leave behind for the people who love you. I’m grateful to have this photo as an anchor in my personal life and in my professional life, and I am grateful for people who entrust me to create a document of this brief but incredibly important event in their lives.





This little nugget came into my life over 11 years ago. As I was looking through photos of her I realized how much we have done together. The road trips, the many living situations, all the dogs, cats, squirrels, and people we have met along the way is proof of her incredible adaptability. She has been a constant in my life. She is tapped into my emotions more so than any other human has been. She’s gentle and quiet, obedient and trusting. And if you’ve been on an engagement shoot with me you know she’s the best assistant a photographer could ask for.